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make it fast, make it slow



Released: 2nd Apr 2012


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Released: 5th Apr 2012


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maximum grooves only on this off kilter & highly addictive ’77 afro-funk album, a 2nd re-issue for this enigmatic ghanaian singer.

a re-issue of the sophomore album rob made for the legendary essiebons label & a necessary addition to any african music enthusiast’s collection. with religious overtones & a broody, slightly off-key atmosphere at points it’s certainly one of the stranger funky records to come out of west africa, but tracks like ‘loose up yourself’ & ‘make it fast, make it slow’ demonstrate how rob’s unique vocal style, experimental percussive rhythms & heavy drum/bass syncopation added up to some of the most extraordinary funk on offer in ghana.

make it fast, make it slow


  1. Loose Up Yourself
  2. Make It Fast, Make It Slow
  3. Not The End
  4. I’ve Got To See You Again, Lord
  5. He Shall Live In You
  6. But You
  7. Bargain
  8. Back On You