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foreign body
  1. Fell Sound
  2. Silent from Above
  3. Cliffs
  4. Drowning the Call
  5. Mine
  6. Mirror of our
  7. Sleeping

mirrorring (grouper & tiny vipers)

foreign body

  • cd

    Released: 19th Mar 2012


daniel recommends: "grouper & tiny vipers' fragile, mournful & contemplative collaboration, sounding like the distant, broken echo of a dusty loner folk opus".

mesmerising collection of reflective & introspective soundscapes, a perfect mix of foggy melodies & hushed guitar tones. jesy fortino (aka tiny vipers) & liz harris (better known as grouper) have met to combine the latter’s expansive, windswept drones with the former’s understated, echoing acoustic guitar. vocals switch between grouper’s mournful, disassociated contributions & the fragmented yet crystalline moods provided by tiny vipers. this masterpiece just about hangs together on the edge of a drizzly abyss. a compelling work of harrowing genius. “one of the most beguiling, unique & quietly stunning records i’ve heard in a long time” 8.5/10 – bowlegs.

ami recommends: "outer body acousmatic meanderings from grouper & tiny viper combo – blissfully ethereal".