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toro y moi

june 2009



Released: 7th May 2012


5 x7" boxset

Released: 7th May 2012


very exciting 7” box of early toro y moi, a slew of short & sweet lo-fi tracks made whilst he began his experiments with samplers.

with songs varied in style but bound together by their personal subject matter, ‘june 2009’ is a portrait of a young man unknowingly on the cusp of a fruitful career. the songs are like journal entries, with reverb-soaked, angular guitar riffs serving as focal points of the power-pop periphery.  “the blue-collar funk on ‘drive south’ would have made him a much more natural counterpart of ariel pink than, say, washed out. & the layers of balmy, contemplative acoustic guitar wouldn’t have sounded out of place on kurt vile’s latest album.” – the line of best fit.

june 2009


  1. Best Around
  2. Take The L To Leave
  3. Girl Problems
  4. Dead Pontoon
  5. Ektelon
  6. Drive South
  7. Sad Sams
  8. Talamak (First Version)
  9. Warm Frames
  10. New Loved Ones