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wild dog



Released: 10th May 2012


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Released: 28th Jun 2012


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with members of arcade fire & bonnie ‘prince’ billy’s band on board, these 10 originals are darker, wilder & more intensely seductive than ever.

the norwegian songwriter has that rare gift of magical intonation, & merits comparisons to gems like kate bush, joni mitchell & will oldham. her work on the piano is mellifluous, unbounded & emotionally captivating. her lyrical approach is unique & idiosyncratic while her singing truly slips from the soul. this is a beautiful, meandering record where oceanic piano is joined by the rootsy lead electric of emmett kelly, warm bass & sparse percussion. Throughout the album, she crafts an air of hushed intensity that's spellbinding, & even more so when she pierces it.

wild dog


  1. Imagine
  2. Freeze
  3. Rolling On Rolling Stone
  4. Oh I Am Stuck
  5. Starving Soul
  6. Invitation
  7. Wild Horse Wild Dog
  8. There Is Nothing Funny About This
  9. Her Eyes
  10. Lonely Heart