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Time Team

Ninja Tune


Released: 7th May 2012


2lp + download

Released: 7th May 2012


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synth heavy, constantly shifting productions, suffused with a unique mix of humour, dancefloor smarts & melancholic emotion.

the slick, funked up, electro-house grooves of ‘sex’ was a tantalising taster for this debut album. in its full length the tracks jump between his chopped up, start ‘n’ stop style of careering synthesiser melodies, stretches of near-minimalist style repetition & the warmer, soulful styles he seems to be introducing more of these days. an addictive album for fans of rustie & hudson mohawke & great snapshot of a promising artist developing their sound. “invents a universal tongue all its own, polished to perfection, dancing & wild” 8/10 – drowned in sound.

Time Team


  1. New Worlds
  2. Sex
  3. All This Time
  4. Moonbeam Rider
  5. Travel Sweets
  6. Unicorn Suplex
  7. Dragon Drums
  8. Mountains Come Out Of The Sky
  9. Grandma Paints Nice
  10. Climbing A Tree
  11. Earth Claps
  12. It's When The Future Falls Plop On Your Head
  13. Make A Wish (lp only bonus track)
  14. Spirit Level (lp only bonus track)
  15. Super Machine (lp only bonus track)
  16. On My Way Home X (lp only bonus track)
  17. Haze (lp only bonus track)
  18. Soft Lunch (lp only bonus track)