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conrad schnitzler


bureau b


Released: 18th Jun 2012



Released: 25th Jun 2012


Schnitzler’s inimitable cascades of sound & their transparency were, & remain, unique.

his debut surpassed virtually every other pioneering artist of the day in terms of radicalness.The most exciting aspect of Schnitzler’s music is not the fact that he only used synthetic sound & noise; the apparently chaotic movements of his microscopic particles of sound draw us into a paradoxical, yet also crystalline & vibrant artistic world. It doesn’t get much more outlandish than this. Not content merely with making psychedelic soundtracks, he turned these on their head with his defiant artistic will. The rigour of his approach has never been matched.



  1. Meditation
  2. Krautrock
  3. Red Dream (CD only Bonus Track)