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>> (2018 reissue)


2LP + download

Released: 1st Mar 2019


created out of 12 days of improv sessions & then edited into song form, the result is an intriguing blend of krautrock & post-punk with minimal tendencies.

Bring on the synths! a mantra that has aided so many band struggling against creative block which, by all accounts, is a wall geoff barrow's (portishead, quakers) beak> had hit. but, wow, they have transcended that coming up with a slick (but just loose enough), slightly wobbly, pretty bleak jam band-stripped back-kosmische touched rock album that sounds urgent, fun, interesting, motorik, exciting, psychedelic & experimental all at once. "all hypno-bass throb, heavy percussive grooves, & buzzing analogue synths" - pitchfork.

>> (2018 reissue)