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husbands / flying to berlin

pop noire

ltd white 7" - repress

Released: 20th Aug 2012


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debut single from the deservingly mega-hyped all girl 4-piece.

highly recommended! "the rhythmic insistence & violent precision of the key Manchester bands & the dishevelled looseness of the Bristol ones (if the Pop Group were riot grrrls …), & when the guitar slashes into view it does so with ferocious force. Image-wise, they're thrillingly intriguing" - guardian, "Savages display more aggression, desire and determination than pretty much every guitar group you're likely to see in 2012, combining all the best bits of all your favourite dark, louche bands and twisting out of them an astonishing freshness, presence and spirit all of their very own” - The Quietus

husbands / flying to berlin


  1. husbands
  2. flying to berlin