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mumps, etc


cd + bonus disc

Released: 8th Oct 2012


lp + download + bonus disc

Released: 8th Oct 2012


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grinning, sun-warped choruses, jangly western lopes & confessionals cut with wry wit & crude details fill this meticulous work of morbid fascination & offbeat romanticism.

yoni wolf & co return with a fully live band effort, embellished with strings, choirs, woodwinds & horns behind that skewed but forever winking eye on the human condition. 'waterlines' folds idyllic harp figures into a darkly shimmering beat while yoni drops backwards brags & dissects his public persona, 'white english' bounces over some kind of mutant mariachi dub while 'thirst' bends spare chamber-pop into a desert-worthy drawl, under a tale about black cowboys & failing faith.

mumps, etc


  1. Jonathan's Hope
  2. Strawberries
  3. Waterlines
  4. thirteen on High
  5. white English
  6. Danny
  7. Sod in the Seed
  8. Distance
  9. thirst
  10. kevin's Cancer
  11. Bitter Thoughts
  12. Paper Hearts
  13. As a Card