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just to feel anything

editions mego


Released: 1st Nov 2012

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Released: 12th Nov 2012


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a sophisticated progression in both sound & structure, their lush synthscapes, experimental guitar & stripped back beats coalescing into magnificent minimalism.

'before your eyes' begins the record with a steady build-up, which bleeds into humid layers of synthesiser pads & warm guitar. elsewhere 'everything is inverted' is an energetic rush of monolithic guitar leads, pulsing drum machine, & driving sequences, 'the loser keeps america clean' dives into the deepest fathoms of their experimental oeuvre, the title track is really a new zenith in emeralds' repertoire while the majestic album closer sees mounting layers of brightly strummed guitar chords blossom into a storm of colour & expertly crafted textures.

just to feel anything


  1. Before Your Eyes
  2. Adrenochrome
  3. Through & Through
  4. Everything Is Inverted
  5. The Loser Keeps America Clean
  6. Just to Feel Anything
  7. Search for Me in the Wasteland