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esben & the witch

wash the sins not only the face


ltd lp with indies only bonus 7" with 2 extra tracks + cd

Released: 21st Jan 2013


a majestic, entrancing & triumphant work that dispels any burden of "the difficult second album".

in fact, they have comprehensively transcended any such slump or curse with this focused & confident masterpiece which becomes more magical with every listen. They wanted the album to unfurl like a journey, like a day, where opening songs are possessed of a brightness, an optimism that ebbs away over the record’s course. The radiant glide of opener ‘Iceland Spar’, gives way to the bleak lonesomeness of ‘Yellow Wood’, the moment where the sun sets, with closing track ‘Smashed To Pieces In The Still Of The Night’ ending proceedings at a peak of drama & intensity.

wash the sins not only the face

  1. Iceland Spar
  2. Slow Wave
  3. When That Head Splits
  4. Shimmering
  5. Deathwaltz
  6. Yellow Wood
  7. Despair
  8. Putting Down The Prey
  9. The Fall Of Glorieta
  10. Mountain
  11. Smashed To Pieces In
  12. The Still Of The Night