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Palma Violets


Rough Trade

lp + cd

Released: 25th Feb 2013



Released: 25th Feb 2013


the astonishingly accomplished debut from the lambeth 4-piece captures the raw energy & on-stage chemistry of the party-hard band - the perfect distillation of the libertines' cocksure bravado, the strokes' swagger & the clash's attitude.

produced by pulp's Steve Mackey, the record is undoubtedly much cleaner & less shambolic than their live show but it nonetheless makes for a thrilling & intense listen that heralds the arrival of the next great indie-rock band that like the arctic monkeys & libertines before them, will unite fathers & sons in sing-a-long union. "Taking their cue from the first Glasvegas album, they drape these tunes in layers of Phil Spector-style echo & allow guitarist Sam Fryer or bassist Chilli Jesson, perhaps the Strummer/Jones of this generation, to add surprisingly tender vocal croons. If they continue to juggle studio & concert quite so brilliantly, they’ll be unstoppable. Let’s hope so." - bbc



  1. Best of Friends
  2. Step Up for the Cool Cats
  3. All the Garden Birds
  4. Rattlesnake Highway
  5. Chicken Dippers
  6. Last of the Summer Wine
  7. Tom the Drum
  8. Johnny Bagga’ Donuts
  9. I Found Love
  10. Three Stars
  11. 14