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broken english



Released: 28th Jan 2013


2cd (deluxe edition)

Released: 28th Jan 2013


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remastered version of faithfull's 1979 debut for island records, expanded with a 12-minute promo film, a lost album mix & bonus tracks.

'broken english' took the edgy and brittle sound of punk rock and gave it a shot of studio-smooth dance rock. the film on the enhanced cd1 consists of three promotional videos for ‘witches song’, ‘the ballad of lucy jordan’ and ‘broken english’ featuring unique footage of marianne spliced together with stock footage and some of derek jarman’s trademark super-8 film. also included are a re-record of 'sister morphine' and 4 bonus tracks in the form of the 7” and 12” mixes of 'broken english' and 'why’d ya do it ?', which appear on cd for the very first time.

broken english


  1. Broken English                                                                         
  2. Witches' Song                                                                           
  3. Brain Drain                                                                 
  4. Guilt                                                                             
  5. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan                                                                    
  6. What's The Hurry?                                                                  
  7. Working Class Hero                                                                                
  8. Why'd Ya Do It                                                                          
  9.    Witches Song/ The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan/ Broken English

Disc 2

  1. Broken English (Original Mix)             
  2. Witches' Song (Original Mix)                                                                              
  3. Brain Drain (Original Mix)                                     
  4. Guilt (Original Mix)                                                 
  5. The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan (Original Mix)                                                       
  6. What's The Hurry (Original Mix)                                                        
  7. Working Class Hero                 (Original Mix)                                    
  8. Why'd Ya Do It? (Original Mix)                                                           
  9. Sister Morphine (12" Version)           
  10. Broken English (7" Single Version)   
  11. Broken English (7" Remix Version)  
  12. Broken English (Long Version)           
  13. Why'd Ya Do It? (12" Remix)