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Orange Juice

You Can't Hide Your Love Forever



Released: 3rd Feb 2014


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LP + download

Released: 20th Apr 2013


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orange juice's 1982  debut announced a band with a considerable repertoire of musical ideas & some endearingly honest songs about romantic dysfunction & rejection.

with the sort of bold title that recalled the optimism of the '60s (&, of course, echoes the beatles' ‘you've got to hide your love away’), for some their purist vision was too near to sentiment & too knowingly coy, but that's a cynic's view. there are some lovely songs here, especially the previous postcard release ‘falling & laughing’ & the single ‘l.o.v.e. love.’ &, in contrast to their reputation, these fey glaswegians could rock out when the moment demanded it, too.

You Can't Hide Your Love Forever


  1. Falling And Laughing
  2. Untitled Melody
  3. Wan Light
  4. Tender Object
  5. Dying Day
  6. L.O.V.E. (Love)
  7. Intuition Told Me (Part 1)
  8. Upwards And Onwards
  9. Satellite City
  10. Three Cheers For Our Side
  11. Consolation Prize
  12. Felicity
  13. In A Nutshell