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Orange Juice

The Orange Juice



Released: 3rd Feb 2014


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LP + download

Released: 20th Apr 2013


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as edwyn collins' last hurrah with the band, 1984's ‘the orange juice’ album is comprised of semi-gloomy descending tones.

unlike ‘you can't hide your love forever’ or ‘rip it up’, ‘the orange juice‘ contains a pace that is crawling, with a few bright spots emerging from some rich-textured keyboards & a minute amount of quirky guitar – such as ‘the artisan’s lively organ & admirable guitar twang through ‘what presence’.

The Orange Juice


  1. Lean Period
  2. I Guess I’m Just A Little Too Sensitive
  3. Burning Desire
  4. Scaremonger
  5. The Artisans
  6. What Presence?!
  7. Out For The Count
  8. Get While The Gettings Good
  9. All That Ever Mattered
  10. Salmon Fishing In New York