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uk decay

new hope for the dead

uk decay


Released: 23rd Apr 2013



Released: 17th Dec 2013


legendary post-punk band's first full-length studio album for 30-years is a heavy, sonic assault built upon the politics of dissent.

produced by rock legend chris ‘the dark lord’ tsangerides, the new songs cover a wealth of subjects, from the fracturing nature of society & the twin evils of extremism & bigotry, to the attraction of things that ultimately harm us. “we’re not here for a nostalgic reunion, we’re here because we’ve got something to say,” says singer abbo. “there’s been three or four generations of music since we split up but no one’s really taken up the mantle of kicking against a world of apathy, discrimination & totalitarianism.”. long-hailed as one of the godfathers of post-punk, uk decay reformed three years ago after a hiatus of 3 decades.

new hope for the dead


  1. Shake ‘Em Up
  2. Heavy Metal Jews
  3. Next Generation
  4. Killer
  5. This City Is A Cage
  6. Woman With A Black Heart
  7. Revolutionary Love Song
  8. Shout
  9. All The Faces In History
  10. I Feel Good
  11. Drink