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Laura Marling

once I was an eagle



Released: 27th May 2013


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2 x 180g heavyweight lp

Released: 3rd Jun 2013


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hovers beautifully between dylan’s fantastical explorations of the personal, tim buckley’s expansive psychedelia & joni mitchell’s eclectic, world music steeped songs.

even further removed from the nu-folk she made her name with, ‘once i was an eagle’ demonstrates an ever maturing & evolving songwriting talent, that rises to the challenge of matching the more texturally diverse instrumentation surrounding her loosened structures & poignant lyrical imagination. the fluent assembly of the album lends it a naked honesty & touching intimacy that is something very rare & special indeed. ‘take the night off’ moves seamlessly into ‘i was an eagle’, its layers of flowing 12-string guitars & strange melodies seguing to indian flavoured instrumentation. her dramatic folk leanings still hold true on tracks like celtic themed stormer ‘devil’s resting place’, but feel more like one distinct aspect of a diverse & increasingly unique sound.

once I was an eagle


  1. Take The Night Off
  2. I Was An Eagle
  3. You Know
  4. Breathe
  5. Master Hunter
  6. Little Love Caster
  7. Devil's Resting Place
  8. Interlude
  9. Undine
  10. Where Can I Go?
  11. Once
  12. Pray For Me
  13. When Were You Happy? (And How Long Has That Been)
  14. Love Be Brave
  15. Little Bird
  16. Saved These Words