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Renata (remixes)

Border Community


Released: 20th Jun 2013


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the appetite-whetting arpeggio extravaganza ‘renata’ is treated to a pair of special remixes from synth luminaries daphni & steve moore.

caribou mainman dan snaith puts on his dj friendly daphni hat to return the holden remix favour with the sort of idiosyncratic blend of pitched-about vocals, fidgety garage revival beats & psychedelic synths that only he can get away with. zombi band man & l.i.e.s. affiliated synth superstar steve moore meanwhile takes the flipside in an altogether more smooth direction, with a decidedly deep rework that places everything in its right new age place.

Renata (remixes)


  1. Renata (Daphni Remix)
  2. Renata (Steve Moore Remix)