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Cerulean Salt



Released: 1st Jul 2013


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180g blue lp + cd

Released: 2nd Jul 2013


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limited cassette store day 2013 release

Released: 7th Sep 2013


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The strength of this record lies in the simplicity and purity of its songs, with melodies that immediately penetrate, alongside Katie Crutchfield’s frank vocal delivering devastating, straight-from-theheart lyrics backed with lacerating guitars & slouchy basslines.

Sounding like an instant classic from the get go, the album’s songwriting recalls the rawness of early Cat Power, the introspective lyrics of Rilo Kiley & the indie fuzz of The Breeders. "It’s that blazingly honest, hyper-personal quality that places 'Cerulean Salt' in the tradition of Elliott Smith, early Cat Power, or Liz Phair's free-flowing 'Girlysound' tapes-- the work of a songwriter skilled enough to make introspection seem not self-centered, but generous" 8.4/10 - pitchfork.

***The special edition digipack double CD includes Waxahatchee’s 2012 debut album ‘American Weekend’***.

Cerulean Salt


  1. Hollow Bedroom
  2. Dixie Cups And Jars
  3. Lips And Limbs
  4. Blue Pt. II
  5. Brother Bryan
  6. Coast To Coast
  7. Tangled Envisioning
  8. Misery Over Dispute
  9. Lively
  10. Waiting
  11. Swan Dive
  12. Peace And Quiet
  13. You’re Damaged
  14. Catfish (deluxe 2cd only)
  15. Grass Stain (deluxe 2cd only)
  16. Rose, 1956 (deluxe 2cd only)
  17. American Weekend (deluxe 2cd only)
  18. Michel (deluxe 2cd only)
  19. Be Good (deluxe 2cd only)
  20. Luminary Blake (deluxe 2cd only)
  21. Magic City Wholesale (deluxe 2cd only)
  22. Bathtub (deluxe 2cd only)
  23. I Think I Love You (deluxe 2cd only)
  24. Noccalula (deluxe 2cd only)