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jessy lanza

pull my hair back



Released: 9th Sep 2013



Released: 9th Sep 2013


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melding R&B, house, disco & 80's studio rock, the production from Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys (who also co-wrote the album) is immaculate, reminiscent of early Junior Boys, treading that fine line between cold futurism & the R&B that Jessy & Jeremy are infatuated with.

‘Pull My Hair Back’ opens with the bouncy, acidic bassline, plaintive piano & shimmering, delay effected vocals of 'Giddy'. The ominous pitched down introduction of '5785021' gives way swiftly to a juddering pulse, insistent lyrics, bustling hi-hats & citric, crystalline synths. 'Kathy Lee' is a minimal, smouldering slow jam illuminated by smudged water colour keys, which switches into double time syncopation in the closing stretch. Jessy's icy but sensual vocals flutter through the synths seductively throughout, insistent yet beguiling.


pull my hair back


  1. giddy
  2. 5785021
  3. Kathy Lee
  4. Fuck Diamond
  5. Keep Moving
  6. Against The Wall
  7. Pull My Hair Back
  8. As If
  9. Strange Emotion