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The Dale Cooper Quartet

Quatorze Pièces de Menace


180g 2lp + download

Released: 11th Nov 2013


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Released: 11th Nov 2013


a hint of '50s cool jazz, a truckload of noise & melodies, again tiny references to twin peaks' series soundtrack & some ghostly & deep tone voices: the dale cooper quartet pushes the genre darkjazz towards other spaces.

halfway from their debut 'parole de navarre's ambient & drone driven soundscapes & the more orchestrated 'métamanoir', this new collection of tracks is following their quest for dreamy but mysterious places. recorded in brest, britanny, france, this album always conveys an atmosphere of strangeness & beauty, the trademark of every quartet's records. based upon the live experiences of the band & their everlasting love for the local landscapes, 'quatorze pièces de menace' is as striking, deep, fascinating & beautiful as a storm in the middle of the atlantic.

Quatorze Pièces de Menace


  1. Brosme en dos-vert
  2. Nourrain Quinquet
  3. Calbombe Camoufle Fretin
  4. Oribus Sustente Lingue
  5. L'escolier serpent eolipile
  6. la Ventree Rat de Cave
  7. Bamboche Empereurs, Il
  8. Celadon Bafre
  9. Ignescence Black-Bass Recule