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The Oscillation

from tomorrow

All time Low


Released: 30th Sep 2013


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Released: 30th Sep 2013


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psychedelic stoner grooves - the odd snarl of black sabbath meets the musical otherness of syd barrett era floyd, the garage dementia of helios creed & stranglers’ absurdist punk.

an album to put on & crawl inside your head to, full of sun scorched sounds & spacey effects. ‘corridor pt. one’s murky vocals, motorik rhythms & fuzzy, wah soaked guitars create a drugged sound somewhere in between eternal tapestry & spacemen 3, continued in the headier, but equally trippy, ‘part two’. ‘descent’ touches on middle eastern scales around a vibe of nascent terror, like a soundtrack to the tangiers of ‘a naked lunch’. ‘no place to go’s wall of sound & echoing vocals make for brilliantly heavy garage rock, switched up almost immediately with the doomier, expansive tones of ‘from tomorrow’. ‘dreams burn down’ is a beautiful ambient break, full of sighing vocals & hazy guitars, a spell effectively broken by the grungey lo-fi ‘chrome cat’ before the most distinctly floyd-esque closing jam, ‘out of touch’.

from tomorrow


  1. Corridor Part 1
  2. Corridor Part 2
  3. Descent
  4. No Place To Go
  5. From Tomorrow
  6. All You Want To Be
  7. Dreams Burn Down
  8. Chrome Cat
  9. Out Of Touch