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Agnes Obel


Play It Again Sam


Released: 30th Sep 2013


2CD (deluxe edition with extra, live & reworked tracks)

Released: 6th Oct 2014


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Released: 30th Sep 2013


danish songwriter's penchant for melancholy atmosphere goes deeper & darker on these sparse songs of genuine, heart-stopping beauty.

building on the sonic template of her debut, 'aventine' features a small ensemble including cellist Anne Müller (nils frahm), mike posen (timber timbre) on violin & viola & robert Kondorossi (Budzillus) on guitar. the album was arranged & produced by agnes, who provides piano & vocals. opening with the delicate, ethereal piano intro 'chord left', 'fuel to fire' embrace minimalist influences in the looped piano melody underscoring agnes' yearning vocals. 'dorian' sees gentle, ancient sounding rhythms creep in as low cello creates a sense of palpable drama. 'the curse' heads around a more experimental curve, letting vocals hover over plucked cellos for half the piece before the piano adds a rolling, rhythmic lope. "a strikingly spare album of great, but frosty, beauty" 4/5 - mojo.



  1. Chord Left
  2. Fuel To Fire
  3. Dorian
  4. Aventine
  5. Run Cried The Crawling
  6. Tokka
  7. The Curse
  8. Pass Them By
  9. Words Are Dead
  10. Fivefold
  11. Smoke & Mirrors

(disc 2 - deluxe edition only)

  1. Under Giant Trees
  2. Arches
  3. September Song
  4. Run Cried The Crawling (Live)
  5. Chord Left (Live)
  6. Fuel To Fire (Live)
  7. Aventine (Live)
  8. Words Are Dead (Live)
  9. The Curse (Live)
  10. Dorian (Daniel Matz Rework)
  11. Fuel To Fire (David Lynch Remix)