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Lost (Instrumental Version)

in my room

white 2lp + download

Released: 18th Nov 2013


Instrumental vinyl version of the new Trentemøller album ‘Lost’, for those who want to explore ‘Lost'’s world of sound even further.

  danish producer steps further into the experimental pop realm, fusing his talent for heart-wrenching melodic moments with his trademark electronic sound. a perfect meeting of influences, keeping the right elements from the mesmeric tech-house he is known for alongside impressive live arrangements, with moody new wave guitars, atmospheric organs/synths & low, rumbling basslines. that trademark haunting feeling that defined both ‘the last resort’ & ‘into the great wide yonder’ hasn’t been neglected on ‘lost’, it’s just been redefined & made way more ferocious.

Lost (Instrumental Version)


  1. The Dream (Instrumental)
  2. Gravity (Instrumental)
  3. Still On Fire
  4. Candy Tongue (Instrumental)
  5. Trails
  6. Never Stop Running (Instrumental)
  7. River Of Life (Instrumental)
  8. Morphine
  9. Come Undone (Instrumental)
  10. Deceive (Instrumental)
  11. Constantinople
  12. Hazed