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celebrity skin (reissue)


celebrity skin (reissue)

music on vinyl
  • limited heavyweight lp

    Released: 20th Jan 2014

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intended to evoke the heyday of californian pop in the late '70s courtney love’s outfit’s 1998 album buried the angst of prior albums under a glaze of shiny guitars & hazy melodies.

working with the same producer who made soundgarden clean up their sound (michael beinhorn) & writing with billy corgan, hole went from grungy alt-rock to clean sterile alt-rock more in the vein of marilyn manson than nirvana or even hole circa 1994. love traded her screaming banshee mayhem vocals for pro-tooled crooning, & the guitars are layered to the point they sound so clean they almost shimmer. lyrically, ‘celebrity skin’ was love's attempt to fuse the glamour queen she had become outside of music with the angry screaming punk she started out as.