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Released: 12th Feb 2014


With Eek at the top of his game, producer henry 'junjo' Lawes at his mightiest heights, and the bands reeling out lethal riddims, Mouseketeer is a masterpiece.

it includes 'Wild Like a Tiger', which had mashed up Jamaica back in 1982, as well as 'Star, Daily News or Gleaner', 'Anarexol', & more. Whether he's pushing the youth onto the righteous path, as on ‘Palaving’ & ‘Treason’, or comforting the sufferers, as he does with much conviction on ‘Don't Run and Cry’, Eek delivers up some of his most powerful messages on this set. The clincher for many fans was the final track, where once and for all the DJ finally answered the question they'd been asking for years, and explained ‘How I Got My Name’.



  1. Queen Elizabeth
  2. Star, Daily News Or Gleaner
  3. Atlantis Lover
  4. Palaving
  5. Treason
  6. Anarexol
  7. Chip Out
  8. Wild Like A Tiger
  9. Don't Run And Cry
  10. How I Got My Name