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arve henriksen

chron & cosmic creation



Released: 10th Mar 2014


henriksen has gone beyond physical place to an audio exploration of pure rapture, contemplation & universal origins.

his latest piece, in eight parts, enters deep space & time to convey a powerful sense of the eternal. henriksen’s music reflects both the stunning beauty of virgin wilderness & the shifting, cosmopolitan environments experienced by the 21st century traveller. glitches, ambient drones, fragmented sonic washes, & glimpses of rhythm appear in tandem & contrast with his heavily treated trumpet throughout. if ‘cosmic creation’  is about timelessness, ‘chron’ is very much rooted in the modern world & the here & now, with most of its source material derived from field recordings arve made while touring the globe, or recordings made in hotel rooms, airports & other urban locations.

chron & cosmic creation