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Real Estate




Released: 3rd Mar 2014


180g lp + download

Released: 3rd Mar 2014


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the jersey-bred indie rock golden boys grow even further into the sound they've been spinning for themselves, mellowing more while they become more nuanced in both playing & production.

the band's sound is decidedly signature, based on chiming chords & lilting vocals from songwriter martin courtney, lead guitar from matt mondanile that wanders between psychedelic curiosity & airy punctuation, & the surefooted rhythm section of drummer jackson pollis & bassist alex bleeker. their songs have always resided somewhere between head-in-the-clouds lightheartedness & day-dreamy nostalgia, but the 10 songs that make up 'atlas' seem more mature, more deliberate & lacking some of the carefree naiveté of earlier work. the production is less hazy & more suited to the band's increasingly clear-headed melodies & expanded sounds, filled out with understated organ & keys from matt kallman this time around.



  1. Had To Hear
  2. Past Lives
  3. Talking Backwards
  4. April’s Song
  5. The Bend
  6. Crime
  7. Primitive
  8. How Might I Live
  9. Horizon
  10. Navigator