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mac demarco

salad days



Released: 31st Mar 2014


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Released: 31st Mar 2014


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mac shies away from his more insane impulses for a clearer picture of his immensely cracked idea of what pop music is.

demarco has his feet in a bevy of styles on ‘salad days’ without coming off scattered, including the brittle '80s r&b synths of ‘chamber of reflection’ & the channelling of songwriting greats like john lennon & ray davies - "chamber of reflection," a track featuring icy synth stabs & soulful crooning, wouldn't be out of place on a fantasy shuggie otis & prince collaboration. with songs touching on themes of maturation, life in the public eye, & good old-fashioned romance, demarco has trimmed the fat both musically & conceptually on ‘salad days’, turning in a streamlined picture of his musical development. “a lo-fi recreation of the billowing, woozy atmosphere of #9 dream & old dirt road often seeps into his sound” 4/5 – guardian.

salad days


  1. Salad Days
  2. Blue Boy
  3. Brother
  4. Let Her Go
  5. Goodbye Weekend
  6. Let My Baby Stay
  7. Passing Out Pieces
  8. Treat Her Better
  9. Chamber Of Reflection
  10. Go Easy
  11. Jonny’s Odyssey