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Sharon Van Etten

Every Time The Sun Comes Up (First Time On 7")

super limited indies only 7" - 1 per customer - £13.99 | Pre Order
The iconic, classic Sharon Van Etten tune gets it first-ever pressing to 7” vinyl.
Sharon Van Etten

Are We There (10th Anniversary Edition)

limited black, grey & silver tri-colour split LP - £28.99 | Pre Order
For all the attention that was paid to her 2012 break-through album, 'Tramp', Sharon Van Etten returned to the studio ready and eager to turn another co...
Sharon Van Etten


limited crimson splash red lp - £27.99 | Buy
featuring the previously unreleased 'this is too right', sve's gorgeously emotive album from 2012 just got a whole lot more definitive.
Sharon Van Etten

We've Been Going About This All Wrong

cd - £11.99 | Buy
A blistering new wave wallop from a shop favourite who never disappoints.
Sharon Van Etten


limited black 7" - 1 per customer - £11.99 | Buy
these two tracks serve to chart the incredible growth of sharon’s songwriting over the years, as she now masterfully infuses synths (& a bit of dark d...
Sharon Van Etten

epic ten (10 year anniversary expanded reissue)

very limited opaque blue / opaque orange 2lp - 1 per customer - £29.99 | Buy
2cd - £13.99 | Buy
Her 2010 sophomore was always brilliant but now SVE has beefed it out with 4 extra weighty tracks of sonic sublimity, making it even more, well, epic.

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angel olsen

burn your fire for no witness

lp + download - £22.99 | Buy
whilst we were mesmerised by the oldy-worldy-country-folk sound of ‘halfway home’, the follow-up makes far more of her grittier side & the resul...
are we there
  1. Afraid of Nothing
  2. Taking Chances
  3. Your Love is Killing Me
  4. Our Love
  5. Tarifa
  6. I Love You But I'm Lost
  7. You Know Me Well
  8. Break Me
  9. Nothing Will Change
  10. I Know
  11. Every Time The Sun Comes Up

Sharon Van Etten

are we there

  • cd

    Released: 26th May 2014


Compelled by a restless spirit & written from a place of honesty, the captivating singer-songwriter's 4th effort is both magically poignant & sublimely vulnerable.

Constantly challenging herself, the Brooklyn native self-produced this exceptionally intimate record, never shying away even from the most personally painful narratives. Many of the songs deal with seemingly impossible decisions, anticipation & then resolution. She sings of the nature of desire, emptiness, of promises & loyalty, of healing & the true self, of waiting. the result is another incredible album of glorious generosity & immense breadth. for fans fo cat power, angel olsen or jessica pratt. “Her voice is breathtaking throughout the record, altering to inhabit every emotional extreme.” 9/10 - Uncut, "a breathless, downbeat flurry of songs...one of the most vivid, involving, troubling albums about the trials of love in recent memory" 9/10 - drowned in sound.