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Red Apple Falls

Drag City


Released: 21st Apr 2014


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Over the course of his previous albums, Bill Callahan explored every nuance of humour & despair; with 1997's ‘Red Apple Falls’, he adds hope & possibility to Smog's scope.

Musically, the album concentrates on spacious, acoustic-based music rather than Callahan's prior lo-fi experiments. With flourishes of piano, horns, drum machines, & pedal steel, ‘Red Apple Falls’ appropriates the best of folk, rock, & country, defying easy classification. ‘Blood Red Bird’ & ‘Red Apples’ focus on Callahan's voice & mournful pianos, while epics like ‘Red Apple Falls’ & ‘Inspirational’ use weepy steel guitars for maximum emotional impact. Lyrically, the album's intensity & clarity is equally strong: motifs of apples, horses, & widows thread through the album, evoking rustic, traditional songs as they tell the story of a star-crossed love affair.

Red Apple Falls