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cyber bully / phantasm blast

Too Pure

limited 7"

Released: 2nd Jun 2014


the new double A-side single from the ear-bleeding Toronto punks whose brutally short songs have gradually taken shape since the first names only 4-piece - made up of founding member Jude, Anna, Kat & Link - formed in 2011.

After a series of cassette releases, HSY snared the attention of the American music press with last year's self-titled EP on Buzz Records. 'Cyber Bully' & 'Phantasm Blast' offer a nerve shredding introduction to HSY's aggressively emphatic punk sludge. 'Cyber Bully' hacks viciously at your defences, led by pummelling drums that share the bleak tone of fellow Toronto noise band METZ, sharp guitar & caterwauling vocals scream towards a bloody climax. 'Phantasm Blast' finds HSY chewing gravel; percussion & distortion collide painfully around a taut mid-tempo rhythm that tightens & bruises like a noose. Black and blue pulverisation is assured.

cyber bully / phantasm blast