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Released: 23rd Jun 2014



Released: 23rd Jun 2014

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warm & dirty garage pop - frontman Owen Penglis is Joined by friends Alex Grigg, Angela Bermuda & Adam Williams (all with colourful musical pasts) & the aussie foursome have honed their reverb-laden, fuzzed out, DIY punk garage into scrappy perfection.

in the process they gained an outstanding reputation for being ‘‘the band that will make you start your own band’’. "it's garage rock time, and if Straight Arrows don't have quite the sense of mischief of, say, Black Lips, they've got the genre signifiers down pat...though they do sometimes journey as far afield as the garage-played-by-people-who-also-like-hardcore style of their compatriots Eddy Current Suppression Ring. still raw, distorted stuff, slathered in echo & reverb in the fashion of inexpensive records down the ages" 4/5 - guardian.