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esben & the witch

a new nature



Released: 8th Sep 2014



Released: 8th Sep 2014


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when we first saw esben many years ago, we fell in love with their raw intensity, their primal noise making & their ability to blow our ears & mind simultaneously & now, with their 3rd album, we hear the band recorded (by steve albini no less) just as we fell for them.

it makes for an absolutely thrilling listen. stripping back their sound & taking out a lot of the electronic matter, instead forging even more expansive songs with more live-feeling sonics. 'Blood Teachings' is a good case in point, with its Swans-esque heaving repetition providing a soundbed over which Rachel Davies unfurls a mesmeric vocal, not dissimilar to former Albini collaborator PJ Harvey, building to a razing, fuzzed crescendo. the band describe the record as "naked, unadorned & raw" - exactly as this band always should be. to be played loud for full impact!

a new nature


  1. Press Heavenwards!
  2. Dig Your Fingers In
  3. No Dog
  4. The Jungle
  5. Those Dreadful Hammers
  6. Wooden Star
  7. Blood Teachings
  8. Bathed In Light

Live at Manchester bonus CD
Those Dreadful Hammers

  • Dig Your Fingers In
  • No Dog
  • Press Heavenwards! (Record live in April 2014)