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Supersonic (30th Anniversary Reissue)

limited numbered pearl colour 7" (2nd batch) - £11.99
limited numbered pearl colour 7" - £11.99
Arguably the greatest debut single of all time, Oasis’ swaggering anthem celebrates its 30th on limited, numbered, pearl colour vinyl, complete with its o...

The Masterplan (25th Anniversary)

Limited Silver LP - £34.99 | Buy
180g LP - £28.99 | Buy

CD - £12.99 | Buy
Those Gallagher brothers sure like keeping a trick or two up their sleeves, and they don't get much more tricky (nor brilliant) than this collection of B-si...

Be Here Now (25th anniversary edition)

limited silver 2lp - £34.99
This limited edition album format celebrates the silver anniversary of Oasis’ historic third album ‘Be Here Now’, originally released on 21st ...

Knebworth 1996

Heavyweight 3lp - £41.99 | Buy
limited Deluxe 2CD + DVD Bookpack - £21.99 | Buy

3x dvd - £15.99 | Buy

BLU-RAY - £18.99 | Buy
A legendary moment in Gallagher brother lore – these two Knebworth shows catapulted the band from Britpop royalty into the lairy global megastars that we ...
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (2014 Remastered Edition)
  1. Hello
  2. Roll With It
  3. Wonderwall
  4. Don't Look Back In Anger
  5. Hey Now!
  6. [Untitled]
  7. Some Might Say
  8. Cast No Shadow
  9. She's Electric
  10. Morning Glory
  11. [Untitled]
  12. Champagne Supernova

Disc 2

  1. Talk Tonight
  2. Acquiesce
  3. Headshrinker
  4. It's Better People
  5. Rockin' Chair
  6. Step Out
  7. Underneath The Sky
  8. Cum On Feel The Noize
  9. Round Are Way
  10. The Swamp Song
  11. The Masterplan
  12. Bonehead's Bank Holiday
  13. Champagne Supernova (Brendan Lynch Mix)
  14. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

Disc 3

  1. Acquiesce (Live At Earls Court)    
  2. Some Might Say (Demo)                
  3. Some Might Say (Live at Roskilde)              
  4. She’s Electric (Demo)       
  5. Talk Tonight (Live At Bath Pavilion)          
  6. Rockin’ Chair (Demo)      
  7. Hello (Live At Roskilde) 
  8. Roll With It (Live At Roskilde)      
  9. Morning Glory (Live At Roskilde)               
  10. Hey Now (Demo)              
  11. Bonehead’s Bank Holiday (Demo)                
  12. Round Are Way (MTV Unplugged)            
  13. Cast No Shadow (Live At Maine Road)       
  14. The Masterplan (Live At Knebworth Park)

    Super Deluxe Boxset Content:

    •    Heavyweight Double Vinyl
    •    Cd Deluxe (x3CD)
    •    Hardback 56 page Book
    •    Replicated 12" promo (Cum On Feel The Noise/Lynch Mob Beats Remix)
    •    Exclusive 7" vinyl of Hello (demo)- She's Electric (demo)
    •    Replicated Promo Cassette
    •    Plus exclusive merch



(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (2014 Remastered Edition)

big brother
  • 2lp

    Released: 29th Sep 2014

  • cd

    Released: 29th Sep 2014


a meticulously remastered reissue of the band's 1995 sophomore album - their biggest selling record & one that undoubtedly helped to define a whole generation.

Each edition of this album includes a remastered version of the original. The 3CD deluxe format includes 2CDs’ worth of bonus material including of all the B-sides plus rare & unreleased Oasis tracks from the ‘Morning Glory’ era. "filled with big, gorgeous ballads. Unlike 'Definitely Maybe', the production on 'Morning Glory' is varied enough to handle the range in emotions; instead of drowning everything with amplifiers turned up to 12, there are strings, keyboards & harmonicas....they have a majestic grandeur in their sound that makes ballads like 'Wonderwall' or rockers like 'Some Might Say' positively transcendent" 5/5 - all music guide

· The deluxe box set includes:
· 3CD - ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ deluxe CD, meticulously remastered with B sides, plus unreleased  and rare tracks including demos and live recordings.
· 180 gram double LP in gatefold sleeve - Heavyweight vinyl of ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’, meticulously remastered from the original 1995 half inch tapes. Includes download code for B sides, plus unreleased and rare tracks including demos and live recordings.
· 12” single - This 12” is a replica of the original promotional 12” sent to industry contacts as a promotional item in 1995. Tracklisting features A side ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’ and B side ‘Champagne Supernova (Lynch Mob Beats Remix)’, which has never been commercially available.
· 7” single - This 7” includes demos of ‘Hello’ and ‘She’s Electric’, both of which were recorded in ‘Definitely Maybe’ producer Mark Coyle's studio. The ‘Hello (Demo)’ track is exclusive to the box set.
· Cassette - Exact replica of the original promotional copy of ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’. This rare cassette, only sent out to industry contacts, has never been commercially available. It includes ‘Step Out’ which was removed from the album prior to its release
· Collector’s coffee table book - This beautiful 56 page hardback book contains rare and unseen photographs documenting the ‘(What's The Story) Morning Glory?’ period by Stefan Batselier, Brian Cannon, Kevin Cummings, Grant Fleming, Jill Furmanovsky, Owen Morris and Tom Sheehan, plus private photos taken by the inner circle. Original artwork designer Brian Cannon explains the story behind each single’s cover art and sleevenotes are written by Neil McCormick.
· ‘Roll With It’ cigarette papers - These rolling papers were an original 1996 promotional item. They have been replicated solely for the box set and feature the lyrics for ‘Roll With It’ printed on the back.
· Postcards & art card set - 3 photograph postcards and a 12 x 12 inch art card.