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Jennifer Castle

Pink City

No Quarter


Released: 1st Sep 2014



Released: 8th Sep 2014


a stirringly beautiful album - From Toronto, Jennifer Castle writes folk songs about friendship, love & heartbreak.

It has barer arrangements - often just piano, guitar & voice with string arrangements from Owen Pallet - highlighting just how good a songwriter Castle is. Her singing has an intuitive style, not always following the expected melody but soaring along on its own current. “reaches a pitch of mystical transport so gorgeously ethereal she seems to drift off into lands that don’t appear on any map” - Greil Marcus.

Pink City


  1. Truth Is The Freshest
  2. Fruit
  3. Working For The Man
  4. Sparta
  5. Nature
  6. Down River
  7. Sailing Away
  8. Like A Gun
  9. How Or Why Broken Vase
  10. Pink City