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Dope Body


Drag City


Released: 20th Oct 2014



Released: 20th Oct 2014


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the baltimore outfit redefine the aural yawp they have been venting for some time, honing wild windmills into surgical strikes, their gut-busting repulsion-sound continuing to expand without losing any of their feral energy.

Zachary Utz’s metalloid guitar fingerprints are as uniquely rough & scabrous as ever but with a few new refinements added to his barrage. Andrew Laumann’s vocal bellow continues to incite a riot of excitement with each additional chorus. David Jacober’s power-&-precision drumming continues to grow in might & scope, driving the songs whether at peaks of volume or the depths of introspection. Plus, new recruit bassist John Jones, contributes to the weird math of Dope Body’s nu-power trio with lines that perfectly expand the bounds for the band.



  1. Intro
  2. Repo Man
  3. Hired Gun
  4. Echo
  5. AOL
  6. Rare Air
  7. Day By Day
  8. Toy
  9. Nu Sensation
  10. I’d Say To You
  11. Even In The End