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David Holmes

’71 - Original Soundtrack

Touch Sensitive


Released: 12th Nov 2014


Ltd LP + download

Released: 17th Nov 2014


influenced by John Carpenter, John Paul Jones’ ‘Four Minute Warning’ & Tony Conrad’s ‘The Pyre of Angus Was In Kathmandu’, the music pulses with the tension & potential terror of war-torn Belfast streets in 1971.

Inspired by a number of conversations between director Yann Demange & music producer David Holmes, the majority of '’71'’s score was created before the film was shot. Yann likes to shoot with music already written - an idea that resonates with the collaborative work of Sergio Leone & Ennio Morricone. With reference to CAN’s soundtrack work, in which only Irmin Schmidt would have seen the film, David would describe the emotion, tone & atmosphere of the scene with the other band members before recording & then editing to picture after.

’71 - Original Soundtrack


  1. You’re Going To Belfast
  2. The Hunt
  3. ’71
  4. Posh Cunts Telling Thick Cunts To Kill Poor Cunts
  5. Riot On The Lower Falls
  6. Thommo's Dead
  7. Where's The Soldier?
  8. The Hunt (Part 2)
  9. Doing Your Dirty Work
  10. Need A Way Out!
  11. Escape From Divis ’71
  12. Is He Dead?
  13. The Theme From ’71
  14. Aftermath
  15. We’ll Be Fine, I Promise You