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John Tejada

Signs Under Test



Released: 2nd Feb 2015


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180g 2lp + cd

Released: 2nd Feb 2015


the LA-based synth mastermind digs deeper into his modules, unearthing particularly dreamy tracks & a surprisingly diverse set of rhythm patterns suffuse the mesmerizing synth lick.

Opener 'TWO 0 ONE' serves as a prime example for the sonic aplomb in place, thanks to its beautifully rendered melodies and finely tuned textures – a perfect storm made of cosy melancholy and celestial bliss. An unabashedly brilliant listen, the album continues its thrilling journey with existential bleepfest 'Y 0 WHY' & the bass-heavy 'BEACHT', followed by the intricately arpeggiated 'R.U.R.' & brooding electronica vignette 'VAALBARA'. The second part is ringed in by the undulating 'CRYPTOCHROME' provides more proof of TEJADA's uncanny ability to craft tracks that operate as distinguished bouncers as well as introspective meditations. for fans of lawrence or justus kohncke.


Signs Under Test


  1. Two 0 One
  2. y 0 why
  3. Beacht
  4. R.U.R.
  5. Vaalbara
  6. Cryptochrome
  7. Rubric
  8. Penumbra
  9. Endorphins
  10. Meadow
  11. Heave In Sight