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james blackshaw

Summoning Suns



Released: 23rd Feb 2015



Released: 11th May 2015


Drawing inspiration from 60's & 70's singer-songwriters, baroque/orchestral pop & folk music, while still sounding contemporary, 'Summoning Suns' is Blackshaw's foray into more traditional forms of songcraft.

Blackshaw's 10th studio album is his first recording to feature his voice & lyrics & he sings in a gentle but assured voice, occasionally reminiscent of Harry Nilsson, Jim O'Rourke & Elliott Smith, while his words combine his personal experiences, neuroses & fantasy through many layers of abstraction, poeticism & dark humour. While the deft fingerpicking acoustic guitar style of Blackshaw's previous recordings is still a prominent part of the sound, the songs are lushly & intricately arranged for drums, bass, piano, violin, flute & pedal steel guitar & features contributions from Simon Scott (Slowdive), Annie Nilsson & Japanese musicians Mori Wa Ikiteiru & Kaoru Noda (with whom he duets in Japanese on one song).

Summoning Suns