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The Mountain Goats

Jenny from Thebes

limited indies only yellow & black "half & half" lp in gatefold sleeve + download - £24.99 | Buy
black lp in gatefold sleeve + download - £23.99 | Buy
Lifted by Matt Douglas’ horn and string arrangements, the dreamy guitar of Bully leader (and Bleed Out producer) Alicia Bognanno, and backing vocals from ...
The Mountain Goats

Dark in Here

2lp in gatefold sleeve + etched side d + download - £22.99 | Buy
A transportive and introspective rumble from t’Goats on album number 2 for ’21.
The Mountain Goats


indies only deluxe red 2lp + bonus green 12" + download - £41.99 | Buy
John darnielle has been called ‘rock’s best storyteller’, and his vocal delivery akin to receiving words of wisdom from a friend with a hand o...
Beat The Champ
  1. Southwestern Territory
  2. The Legend of Chavo Guerrero
  3. Foreign Object
  4. Animal Mask
  5. Choked Out
  6. Heel Turn 2
  7. Fire Editorial
  8. Stabbed to Death Outside San Juan
  9. Werewolf Gimmick
  10. Luna
  11. Unmasked!
  12. The Ballad of Bull Ramos
  13. Hair Match

The Mountain Goats

Beat The Champ

Merge Records
  • 2lp + download

    Released: 13th Apr 2015


a gorgeous album that sees the Mountain Goats expand themselves musically, in startling & exciting ways.

Here is a jazz chord progression over brushed cymbals. Here is a track that spirals out from verse & chorus into a slow, hazy piano solo. Here are pounding drums straight from a metal record. And here, as always, are songs like no one else can write them. Like no one else does write them. It is, as any fan of the band will expect, a heartbreaking & heartreviving album about imperfect people described perfectly, with melodies that will stay with you for days. "daring, touching on meditative rock, Steely Dan-suggestive jazz tones ("Fire Editorial"), indie pop ("The Legend of Chavo Guerrero") &, on "Unmasked," tragic balladry. "Stabbed to Death Outside San Juan" is a memorable acoustic death march about a dressing room altercation...Darnielle & his band exude confidence & a sense of purpose" - los angeles times.