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Sherwood At The Controls

On U Sound


Released: 6th Apr 2015


2LP + download

Released: 6th Apr 2015


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The pioneering dub reggae producer / mixer takes us on a sonic adventure, chronicling his early productions & remixes – a far reaching blend of post-punk, mutant disco, dub, funk & electro.

Aficionados will revel in this exceptional collection, released on his peerless On-U Sound imprint, while newcomers might just fall in love at first listen. Us Residents fall into both categories but we’ve all been left stunned by Sherwood’s unmistakable talents. Once way ahead of his time, his distinctive sound is still formidable & has paved the way for many of today’s techno-heads or post-punk revivalists. Sherwood blended a dubwise approach to versioning tracks, experimenting in the studio & pushing musical boundaries. You’ll find tracks from the likes of The Fall, The Slits, African Headcharge, Prince Far i & Mark Stewart, all swathed in the heavy, ominous, muffled sound of dub that lures you in, spins you round & spits you out.

Sherwood At The Controls


  1. Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry
  2. Maximum Joy - Let It Take You There
  3. Nadjma - Some Day My Caliph Will Come
  4. Mark Stewart + The Maffia - Learning To Cope With Cowardice (Flexi Version)
  5. The Fall - Middle Mass
  6. Gardening By Moonlight - Strange Clues
  7. Shriekback - Mistah Linn He Dead
  8. Voice Of Authority ft Congo Ashanti Roy - Running (Feeling Wild)
  9. The Slits - Man Next Door
  10. Annie Anxiety (aka Little Annie) - Third Gear Kills
  11. Prince Far I - Nuclear Weapon
  12. Singers & Players - Reaching The Bad Man
  13. African Head Charge - In A Trap
  14. Vivien Goldman - Private Armies Dub