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Interstate 8


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Released: 27th Apr 2015


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With only a year of state-approved drinking under his belt at the time of this release, singer/songwriter Isaac Brock already seemed wise beyond his years.

Lyrics like "Every planned occupation/sure-fire disappointment up ahead/till they treat you like desert/see mirages of friendship/face turns red" from "Tundra/Desert" is a worldview that doesn't typically sink in till the late twenties/early thirties. Brock's signature guitar style is matched by Jeremiah Green's distinctive drumming which occasionally reaches the bpm ratio of a drum'n'bass track. Bassist Eric Judy locks into bassline equivalents of how you might feel as you stood on your porch smoking a cigarette during that 35th consecutive day of rain.

Interstate 8


  1. Interstate 8
  2. All Night Diner
  3. Sleepwalking (Couples Only Dance Prom Night)
  4. Tundra / Desert
  5. Edit The Sad Parts
  6. Beach Side Property
  7. Buttons To Push The Buttons
  8. Novocain Stain
  9. Broke
  10. Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In
  11. (Positive/Negative)
  12. Edit The Sad Parts