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God Damn


One Little Indian


Released: 11th May 2015



Released: 11th May 2015


Dropped like a pipe bomb into the British rock scene, the Wolverhampton duo have spent the last three years nailing audiences to the walls with their sonic blasts of glorious noise.

And their debut album definitely does not disappoint, its rapid-fire rhythms pummelling like artillery, guitars squealing as vocals screech and soar - bracing and bruising in the best possible way. “It’s an epic to lose yourself in, layers and layers of noises that you’ll keep discovering combined with enough pop hooks to keep it interesting” 9/10 - louder than war, “the most overpowering debut you’ll hear this year… Equal parts feral and tame, God Damn are masters of the noise they create” 9/10 – the line of best fit



  1. Horeley Fields
  2. When The Wind Blows
  3. Silver Spooned
  4. Maladie Melodie
  5. Shoeprints
  6. By The Wayside
  7. We Don’t Like You
  8. Horus
  9. Vultures
  10. Deadpan Riot
  11. Skeletons
  12. The Cut
  13. Sullen Fun