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california nights

Virgin/ Emi


Released: 4th May 2015



Released: 4th May 2015


the third album from the poppy California band is a brighter, more sophisticated & psychedelic work than their previous more lo-fi output.

producer wally gagel gets the production right, amping up the reverb & multi-layering the vocals to reach a Phil Spector type wall of sound. Tracks like “Fine Without You” and “Run Through My Head” deal with the same lovelorn subject matter you might have found on 'Crazy for You', though here it sounds more suited for the arena than the bedroom. continuing to mine their blondie / go gos / voice of the beehive influences, they now sound ready to set festivals alight with their energy. "third time's the charm on focused set from retro LA duo" - 7/10 uncut

california nights