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  1. Home
  2. The Clown (ft Pedestrian)
  3. Rituals
  4. Steal (ft Holly Walker)
  5. Wallflower
  6. Say More (ft Jono McCleery)
  7. Raincoats
  8. Midas (ft Holly Walker)
  9. Natural Fools
  10. Varkala
  11. Fawn (Bonus CD)
  12. The Clown (ft Pedestrian) (Gang Colours Remix)(Bonus CD)
  13. Colours In Sea (Bonus CD)
  14. Manila
  15. The Clown (ft Pedestrian) (John Beltran Remix)(Bonus CD)

Maribou State


Ninja Tune
  • CD

    Released: 8th Jun 2015


Chris Davids and Liam Ivory exemplify the sort of rare but precious sonic harmony that has made their name so far: equal parts emotive instrumentation and sturdy rhythms, stark soundscapes and rich textures.

Featuring longtime collaborator Pedestrian (2nd Drop / Born Electric) as well as vocalists Holly Walker & Jono McCleery, the album takes on a subtle dynamism and natural warmth redolent of Gold Panda and SOHN. the indie exclusive 2CD set features original productions and remixes from John Beltran (Text) and Gang Colours (Brownswood).