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12" + download

Released: 15th Jun 2015


these 4 tracks see Cheatahs push their unique sonic blueprint even further, with the Canada-born Nathan Hewitt, Californian Dean Reid, British James Wignall & German drummer Mark Raue “exploring and embracing our cultural diversity more consciously than before.

” Bassist Reid’s Japanese-American heritage is the spark for the EP’s scorching motorik title track. Over a wavering analogue synth line and maddening thrum of distorted guitar, the song imagines his parents’ first meeting in Kyoto from two differing perspectives. The first part is “a partly-fictionalised, modern take sung in English,” says Hewitt, “while the second, sung by Dean, is told in the form of a traditional Japanese epic tale.”



  1. Murasaki
  2. Warm Palms
  3. 3D Milk
  4. Wash Out