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Chase The Light EP


12" + download

Released: 8th Jun 2015


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To fully understand Palace’s music it’s necessary to know where it’s made.

Tucked away down a side street in deepest Tottenham, ‘The Arch’ is a creative nerve centre packed with young artists, designers and musicians where the band (Leo Wyndham: guitar, vocals, Rupert Turner: guitar, Will Dorey: bass, Matt Hodges: drums) rehearse, record, unwind and, if needs be, sleep. If the power cuts out every now and then, that’s just part of the appeal. But then, Palace are all about atmosphere. Lead track ‘Head Above Water’ is a sensual, sun-streaked love song worthy of Jeff Buckley, while exquisite examinations of warring emotions (‘Settle Down’), the power of love (‘Tomahawk’) and self doubt (‘Chase The Light’) come with a subterranean stillness which suggest you’re in The Arch with them. ‘Kiloran’ meanwhile, might just be their most majestic stadium-sized ballad yet.

Chase The Light EP