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Split EP

Invada Records

limited 4 track 12" ep + download

Released: 31st Jul 2015


a truly outstanding record & one of 2015's finest moments, provided by none other than geoff barrow's (portishead) beak> project, released on his own label, invada.

what a blinder! a brand new four track ‘double B-side’ EP, featuring two tracks from BEAK> & two from their ‘alter-ego’ <KAEB, who differ in the aspect that <KAEB can have an ever expanding & floating membership. ‘There’s No One’ features a vocal contribution from Californian based artist Ionwayne.

Split EP


  1. The Meader - BEAK>
  2. The Broken Window - BEAK>
  3. When We Fall - <KAEB
  4. There’s No One - <KAEB