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Y Dydd Olaf

heavenly recordings


Released: 24th Jul 2015


LP + Download

Released: 14th Aug 2015


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Released: 24th Jul 2015


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a wonderful psych-pop record from the former pipette inspired by an obscure 1970s welsh language sci-fi novel - motorik beats and kosmische grooves overlaid with socialist manifesto lyrics sang almost entirely in welsh (the only exception being one sang in cornish).

the electro-psych/folk/pop is boards of canada or broadcast good, but all overlaid with saunders' personally political lyrics. and though you may need a translator if welsh isn't a language you speak, the meaning behind songs like 'patriarchaeth' should be clear. for fans of toy, jane weaver and h hawkline. "seldom is the personal married to the political in such an enchanting fashion" - 8/10 uncut

Y Dydd Olaf

‘Y Dydd Olaf’

  1. Chwyldro
  2. Patriarchaeth
  3. Calon Peiriant
  4. Sisial Y Môr
  5. Dawns Y Blaned Dirion
  6. Golau Arall
  7. Stwff
  8. Y Dydd Olaf
  9. Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki
  10. Amser

‘Y Dydd Ychwanegol’ [LP bonus disc]

  1. Nefolaidd
  2. Anthem Y Weriniaeth
  3. Newydd
  4. A B C Ch D
  5. Glanyrafon
  6. Chwyldro (R. Seiliog Remix)
  7. Golau Arall (Islet Remix)
  8. Fratolish Hiang
  9. Perpeshki
  10. Patriarchaeth (Plyci Remix)
  11. Chwyldro (Andrew Weatherall Remix)